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About this guidance
What is the status of this guidance?
Who is this guidance for?
A child-centred approach to safeguarding
A co-ordinated approach - safeguarding is everyone's responsibility

Chapter 1: Assessing need and providing help

Early help
Identifying children and families who would benefit from early help
Effective assessment of the need for early help
Provision of effective early help services
Accessing help and services
Information sharing
Statutory requirements for children in need
Homelessness Duty
Assessment of disabled children and their carers
Assessment of young carers
Assessment of children in secure youth establishments
Assessment of risk outside the home
Purpose of assessment
Local protocols for assessment
The principles and parameters of a good assessment
Assessment Framework
Focusing on the needs and views of the child
Developing a clear analysis
Focusing on outcomes
Processes for managing individual cases
Flow chart 1: Action taken when a child is referred to local authority children's social care services
Flow chart 2: Immediate protection
Flow chart 3: Action taken for an assessment of a child under the Children Act 1989
Flow chart 4: Action following a strategy discussion
Flow chart 5: What happens after the child protection conference, including the review?
Flow chart 6: Children returning home from care to their families

Chapter 2: Organisational responsibilities

Section 11 of the Children Act 2004
People in positions of trust
Individual organisational responsibilities
Schools, colleges and other educational providers
Early Years and Childcare
Designated health professionals
Public Health England
Adult social care services
Housing services
British Transport Police
Prison Service
Probation Service
Children's homes
The secure estate for children
Youth Offending Teams
UK Visas and Immigration, Immigration Enforcement and the Border Force
Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service
Armed Services
Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements
Voluntary, charity, social enterprise, faith-based organisations and private sectors
Sports Clubs / Organisations

Chapter 3: Multi-agency safeguarding arrangements

Safeguarding partners
Geographical area
Relevant agencies
Schools, colleges and other educational providers
Information requests
Independent scrutiny
Publication of arrangements
Dispute resolution

Chapter 4: Improving child protection and safeguarding practice

Purpose of child safeguarding practice reviews
Responsibilities for reviews
Duty on local authorities to notify incidents to the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel
Decisions on local and national reviews
The rapid review
Guidance for the national Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel
Commissioning a reviewer or reviewers for a local child safeguarding practice review
Local child safeguarding practice reviews
Expectations for the final report
Actions in response to local and national reviews
Guidance for the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel - reviewers
The Panel - expectations for the final report
How to notify a serious incident, rapid review, and local child safeguarding practice review

Chapter 5: Child death reviews

Statutory Requirements
Responsibilities of Child Death Review Partners
Responsibilities of other organisations and agencies
Responding to the death of a child: the child death review process


Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Further sources of information