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tri.xTri-X-Childcare (tri.x) is the UK's leading provider of procedures in the children's sector, we currently have ongoing/annual contracts with the majority of local authorities (Children's Services and/or LSCBs) and with a large number of independent and national agencies including SSAFA Forces Help, the MOD Children's Safeguarding Board and the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service.

We are a 'for profit' company with ethics! We are passionate about promoting positive outcomes for children and families and bringing procedures to life; we work tirelessly to achieve our objectives, we deliver on time, cost effective and we have a flexible 'can do' attitude.

This website is one of a number of free web enabled resources we have created, others include:

We have a large team of social care and a dedicated team of IT/Design specialists and two childcare lawyers who verify all procedures.

We keep our customers, and non customers up to date in various ways e.g. with monthly Policy Briefings and Practice Guides.

To view some of the Manuals and websites we have created, follow these links or go to our website: www.trixonline.co.uk